Morning Routine

morning routine

Nobody wants to get up early! Especially during winter. The mornings are dark, it’s cold and wet outside and your bed is SO comfy!
Here is what I do to ensure I start my day off on the right foot!

1. Making my bed! For everyone who has been following me for a while, you will know I often mention you need to make your bed everyday. Of course this is met with lots of push back!
‘But Coach, it’s just going to get unmade when I get back into it’
‘But Coach, it’s too hard’ and so on and so on!

This is one of my Non Negotiables! Wherever I am, whatever I am doing. I will always make my bed! NO ACCEPTIONS!
Now, do I make it to Army standards? Hell no! But I do make it well. Placing my pillow neaty on top!

But why is this so important?
Well, if I make my bed first thing I have already accomplished a goal and if I achieve nothing else for the day, I have still achieved this one thing.
Also, on those days where you feel like you have achieved absolutely nothing (Hard to believe) you still get to come home to a well made bed to rest on!


Mo Tip! Use less pillows to speed up the making process in the morning! I am all about efficiency!

2. Drink water. The second thing I do once I have completed making my bed, is have a tall glass of water! It is so refreshing to do this after a nights sleep. You have just gone up to 8 hours (sometimes more) without water! Your body is crying out for it!
‘But Coach, I need coffee to wake up!’

Not if you do step 3!

Mo tip! Add a pinch of sea salt and lemon to get the body pumping on all cylinders!

3. Move! Once I have had a drink of water, I complete a short but effective movement series to get my heart rate elevated and get the body primed for the day!
The reason this is so powerful is we are designed to move, however so many of us, myself included are bound to desks! By simply taking 5 minutes each morning to move and rest your heart rate. You will be setting yourself up for a great productive day!
I have mine own routine (See below) but you can choose to do whatever helps you best!

3 rounds of 10 reps of each
Star jumps
Rear step lunge with a twist
Hindu push ups
All this takes me about 4 minutes to complete and covers almost all of the primal movements.

4. Read! I am not a massive read, however I do very much enjoy it and over the years I have found that reading in the morning is the best time. If I don’t make the time to read then, I will often forget or can’t find the energy for it!
I use this time to read books that will help develop myself as a coach and as a business owner. Generally more gear towards business and marketing.
This helps learn me into the next step…

5. Create! Once I have read for 20 to 30 minutes. I am all pumped and ready to create!
What do I mean by create? For me creating is writing blogs (Like this one, written at 5:15am on a Wednesday morning).

Posts for social media and video scripts I will film later in the day.
Now there is debate around whether the morning or the evening is better for creation. There have been studies done to find which it more effective. But for me personal, I find if I don’t make time for it in the morning: I don’t find time for it! I have sat there countless nights, trying to find inspiration to create but due to a long day at work and training, I have nothing left!

Create for you could be a number of things. Time to practice that instrument or maybe some artwork. Draw or colouring in.
Nowadays, we aren’t open up to simply creating for creating sake. When we do create its task or job to be done. Which is great but we need to be allow to just let loose sometimes!

That’s what I aim to do in my morning create session. Much of the stuff I write never leaves my computer. But others get ready by YOU!

6. Journal! Again this is when pen meets paper but you are writing just for you!
Each morning I write
3 things I am grateful for today.
3 things that will make today great, and
My I AM statements

This is probably the biggest part to all of this. If I don’t get a chance to do this for whatever reason. My day just isn’t as good.
By doing this simple task I am able to set myself up to have a happy and fulfilling day On purpose. Which is the most important thing!

So, that is my morning routine, which I complete everyday. It takes me from anywhere between 45 to 60 minutes. This means I need to get up earlier to complete this! Perhaps that sounds like the hardest challenge of all but try it and if you don’t feel better after 7 days of completing my morning routine, I’ll shave my Moustache off!

1. Make my bed
2. Drink water
3. Move
4. Read
5. Create
6. Journal

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