Be Better Than Yesterday!

Start with a coaching session today where you and I will set out your goals, assess your movement and work on making you better than yesterday!

About Coach Jono

I aim to make you a better man, whether that be focusing on your physical health or you inner health. You will leave every session better than when you came in.

Men I’m looking for:

Men who want to be BETTER

Men who want to focusing on mental and emotional health

Men who want a rounded approach to health.

Men who want to keep health simple

Men new to the gym or exercise


Why work with Coach Jono!

I turn dad bods to ripped bods. I’ll motivate you to get up and moving with minimising potential injuries.

Personalised Programming

Everybody is different and so should their routine, there’s no stock standard workouts here. Be pumped to workout knowing that your workout is unique and just for you.

Pre-hab | Rehab

Whether you have existing injuries or want to prevent future injuries I can create and tailor the program to you.

Accountability and Team Mind Focus

If you’re going to get results you’ll need a team to support you. I offer personal accountability, and a online support group to help and push you to be your best.

See What Coach Jono Has To Offer

Coaching session : Be better than the day before with Coach Jono!

Work towards improving who you were form the day before! At Coach Jono’s intro coaching session you will be assessed on movement, be given a personalised at home workout and a personalised success strategy. To start you on the right foot.

  • Be able to workout in the comfort of your home.

  • Be given a plan to achieve success!

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