Testimonials - Chris Zetzmann

Chris Zetzmann

I’ve been training with Jono for 11 months now. I was quite competent at the gym but I had areas I wanted to work on. In particularly increasing my max reps pull ups and learn to climb the rope. Jono delivered on all of these goals as well as so much more consistently training dymatic and fresh workouts that included things I had never heard of such as Kettlebells and suspension training. I would recommend Jono for enhancing your level of fitness no matter your level.


Coaching session : Be better than the day before with Coach Jono!

Work towards improving who you were form the day before! At Coach Jono’s intro coaching session you will be assessed on movement, be given a personalised at home workout and a personalised success strategy. To start you on the right foot.

  • Be able to workout in the comfort of your home.

  • Be given a plan to achieve success!